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In This Section:

Participation in Preparation of Standard Methods


Prospective Members of the Standard Methods Committee


Dr. Andrew D. Eaton


Participation in Preparation of Standard Methods

The Joint Editorial Board (JEB) of Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater invites you to participate in the preparation of the standard reference work in the quality control of water and wastewater.

Please complete the Information Form which will tell us those sections you are interested in working on and will help us to form productive Joint Task Groups (JTGs).

The Information Form is in PDF format, 66KB. For more information about PDF format, please click here.

Indicate by section number and title those sections in which you wish to participate. The choice of JTGs on which you want to serve should be governed by your continuing interest in a section and a willingness to participate actively in its improvement. Active participation in a JTG involves developing or updating a section, responding to correspondence, and returning ballots in a timely manner.

Although you may not be a JTG member, it is expected that you actively participate in the development of Standard Methods by timely responses to general ballots. Remember that complimentary subscriptions to Standard Methods Online for SMC members are based on active participation on JTGs or the return of 50% of general ballots received.

Not all JTG's will be activated immediately. Your initial appointment will be to the Standard Methods Committee (SMC). All sections in which substantive changes are made for the next edition will be submitted to the SMC for review during general committee balloting. Therefore, it is not necessary to be a JTG member should you only desire to review methods. If you choose a JTG that is not activated immediately, your name will be retained for appointment to the JTG when it is activated. If you choose a JTG that is full, you will have an opportunity to vote on the section when it is balloted to the general committee.

Except under special circumstances that will be evaluated on an individual basis, committee members will be appointed to no more than three JTG's. The size of the JTG normally will be limited to ten members. The JEB will attempt to appoint each member to the first choice of JTGs but because this may not be possible in all cases, be sure to list four methods in their order of interest to you. It is not necessary to return the list of sections with your form.

Standard Methods has an impressive history of voluntary, cooperative effort to produce the physical, chemical, and biological methods essential to efficient water and wastewater treatment and to the protection of public health. Your assistance in continuing this vital service will be greatly appreciated.

Dr. Andrew D. Eaton
Chair, Joint Editorial Board
Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater

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