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Standard Methods - For the Examination of Water and Wastewater Water - Graphic
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A subscription to Standard Methods Online gives the analyst a powerful online tool and access to a community of over 500 world class experts using the discussion group feature.

Methods are full text searchable. Individual methods are identified as new, revised, and USEPA-approved. You will be notified via email of a new, revised, and USEPA-approved method. You will be able to download individual sections 24/7. You will be assured that you are using the best method available at all times. The discussion group option for subscribers provides a very powerful tool if you have a question about a particular method or analytical issue that you are facing.

There are several options for subscriptions as a function of your individual or organizational needs. Subscriptions are based on the number of seats that are needed. An individual can subscribe and receive one seat with a unique username and password. Multiple seat options are available from: 2-5 seats, 6-10 seats, 11-20 seats, 21-50 seats, and an enterprise (unlimited) options. In this case the organization will appoint an administrator who will determine whom will have access to Standard Methods Online. The company administrator will determine and assign the username (email address) and password.

Your email address and member ID (for AWWA member) will be your username. If your email address changes you must notify Standard Methods customer service so we can make the change to avoid uninterrupted service.

We have both 1-year and 2-year subscriptions. You can save up to 33% by choosing the 2-year subscription option. If you are a member of APHA, AWWA, or WEF you will save 25% off the list price.

With the advent of Standard Methods Online it has never been easier to keep your analytical methodology at the state-of-the art. It is a wise investment in today's regulatory environment.

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