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4500-CN¯ Cyanide (1999)

4500-CN¯ Cyanide (1999)

Approved by SM Committee: 1999

[E] - EPA Approved
[R] - Revised

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Contains an introduction that discusses the forms of cyanide in water, the reactions that occur with treatment, cyanide in solid waste, and selection of method. Twelve methods are given for determination of cyanides. The first set of methods measure total cyanide after distillation; these methods include titrimetric, or colorimetric procedures. Other methods are given for cyanides that are amenable to chlorination after distillation or, a short cut method, for cyanides that are amenable to chlorination without distillation. Methods are also given for weak and dissociable cyanide, cyanogen chloride, cyanates, and thiocyanate. A spot test for sample screening is also given. The section also includes a detailed discussion of selecting the appropriate method.


[E] [R] [N] Product
  [R]    A. Introduction
  [R]    B. Preliminary Treatment of Samples
  [R]    C. Total Cyanide after Distillation
[E]      D. Titrimetric Method
[E]      E. Colorimetric Method
[E]      F. Cyanide-Selective Electrode Method
[E]      G. Cyanides Amenable to Chlorination after Distillation
       H. Cyanides Amenable to Chlorination without Distillation (Short-Cut Method)
       I. Weak Acid Dissociable Cyanide
       J. Cyanogen Chloride
       K. Spot Test for Sample Screening
       L. Cyanates
       M. Thiocyanate
       N. Total Cyanide after Distillation, by Flow Injection Analysis
       O. Total Cyanide and Weak Acid Dissociable Cyanide by Flow Injection Analysis

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