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4500-NH3 Nitrogen (Ammonia) (1997)

4500-NH3 Nitrogen (Ammonia) (1997)

Approved by SM Committee: 1997

[E] - EPA Approved

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Two major factors that influence selection of the method to determine ammonia are concentration and presence of interferences. In general, direct manual determination of low concentrations of ammonia is confined to drinking waters, clean surface or groundwater, and good-quality nitrified wastewater effluent. In other instances, and where interferences are present or greater precision is necessary, a preliminary distillation step (B) is required. A titrimetric method (C), an ammonia-selective electrode method (D), an ammonia-selective electrode method using known addition (E), a phenate method (F), and two automated versions of the phenate method (G and H) are presented. Methods D, E, F, G, and H may be used either with or without sample distillation. The data presented in Tables I and III are helpful in selecting the appropriate method of analysis. This section is reprinted from the 20th Edition. In addition, ammonia can be determined using Method 4500-N.D Conductimetric Determination of Inorganic Nitrogen.


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       A. Introduction
[E]      B. Preliminary Distillation Step
[E]      C. Titrimetric Method
[E]      D. Ammonia-Selective Electrode Method
[E]      E. Ammonia-Selective Electrode Method Using Known Addition
       F. Phenate Method
[E]      G. Automated Phenate Method
       H. Flow Injection Analysis

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