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2710 Tests on Sludges (2004)

2710 Tests on Sludges (2004)

Approved by SM Committee: 2004

[R] - Revised

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This section presents a series of tests uniquely applicable to sludges or slurries. The text data are useful in designing facilities for solids separation and concentration and for assessing operational behavior, especially of the activated sludge process. Method 2170B presents the method for oxygen-consumption rate; 2710C the method for settled sludge volume; 2710D the determination of sludge volume index; 2710E the determination of zone settling rate; 2710F the method for specific gravity; 2710G the method for capillary suction time; and 2710H the time-to-filter method. Method 2710I determines settled sludge volume using a 2-L graduated cylindrical vessel to allow suspension volume to be determined in relation to the results in 2710C.


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       A. Introduction
       B. Oxygen-Consumption Rate
  [R]    C. Settled Sludge Volume
       D. Sludge Volume Index
       E. Zone Settling Rate
       F. Specific Gravity
       G. Capillary Suction Time
       H. Time-to-Filter
  [R]    I. Modified Settled Sludge Volume

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