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Standard Methods - For the Examination of Water and Wastewater Water - Graphic
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2540 Solids (Editorial revisions, 2011)

2540 Solids (Editorial revisions, 2011)

Approved by SM Committee: 1997

[E] - EPA Approved
[R] - Revised

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The introduction to this section offers definitions for total solids, fixed and volatile solids, and settleable solids. Sources of error and variability in the methods are explained. Sample handling and preservation are given along with a guide for which method to use for particular types of waters. Method 2540B gives the method for total solids dried at 103-105oC; 2540C gives the method for total dissolved solids dried at 180oC; 2540D for total suspended solids dried at 103-105oC; 2540E for fixed and volatile solids ignited at 550oC; 2540F for settleable solids; and, 2540G for total, fixed, and volatile solids in solid and semisolid samples. Editorial revisions consist of new references to the QC practices considered to be an integral part of each method.Note: EPA approval for the indicated methods is currently for wastewater only.


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       A. Introduction
[E] [R]    B. Total Solids Dried at 103–105°C
[E] [R]    C. Total Dissolved Solids Dried at 180°C
[E] [R]    D. Total Suspended Solids Dried at 103–105°C
[E] [R]    E. Fixed and Volatile Solids Ignited at 550°C
[E] [R]    F. Settleable Solids
  [R]    G. Total, Fixed, and Volatile Solids in Solid and Semisolid Samples

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