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In This Section:

Standard Methods Retirements

June 27, 2017
Two members of the Joint Editorial Board (JEB) have recently retired. They are Eugene W. Rice, American Public Health Association (APHA) representative, and Rodger B. Baird, representative from the Water Environment Federation (WEF).

Gene Rice has represented APHA on the JEB since 2001. He began his work for Standard Methods with the 17th Edition (1989) as a member of the Joint Task Group (JTG) for 9221 Multiple-Tube Fermentation - Coliforms and 9222 Membrane Filter - Coliforms. He was JTG chair for 9221 as well as 9223 Enzyme Substrate Coliform Test in the 18th Edition. Gene continued as chair for 9221 and 9223 for the 19th Edition as well as 9225 Differentiation of Coliform Bacteria. He has served as JTG Chair for several other sections in Part 9000 Microbiological Examination and was the Coordinator for that Part for the 20th Edition.

Rodger Baird has been involved with Standard Methods for over 40 years and has represented WEF on the JEB since 2007. He served on various JTGs for the 15th through 17th Editions and was Chair of the Sulfite JTG for the 15th and 16th Editions. Before he was appointed to trhe JEB, Rodger was the Part Coordinator for Part 5000 beginning in 1990. He is the co-author with former Part 5000 Coordinator Roy-Keith Smith of Third Century of Biochemical Oxygen Demand.

The entire Standard Methods community extends its thanks to Gene and Rodger for all of their contributions over the years.

Both Gene and Rodger have been replaced on the JEB. See the section of the website titled About Standard Methods for information on the new JEB members.

In addition, Steve Posavec is retiring after nearly 30 years as the Standard Methods Manager. Steve started at AWWA in 1987 when the 17th Edition was being developed. He has since helped produce six additional editions, culminating in the recently published 23rd Edition. His work consisted of preparing manuscripts, proofing the material in each, issuing ballots to the Standard Methods Committee, and maintaining the committee database. Steve was secretary to the Joint Editorial Board, producing minutes for each meeting. Steve was also the staff liaison to eight AWWA standards committees responsible for 34 water treatment chemical standards.

The new Standard Methods Manager is Nathan Edman. His email address is nedman@awwa.org.