Placing an Order for Standard Methods Online

We are currently in the process of transitioning to a new fulfillment center. Online ordering will be unavailable until we finish the transition.
In the interim, we are creating invoices for all orders of Standard Methods online. All invoicing and order inquiries should be submitted directly to our Subscription Team at [email protected] for response and handling. You can also contact us for payment options and account inquiries.

Tiers and Rates

Below are a list of all subscription options for Standard Methods. Subscription rates are for one year of service on the platform.

Academic / Utility/ Govt Annual License Options:
  • Academic / Utility/ Govt Tier 1 (<1,000 FTEs): $1,985.00
  • Academic / Utility/ Govt Tier 2 (1,000-2,000 FTEs): $2,980.00
  • Academic / Utility/ Govt Tier 3 (>20,000 FTEs): $4,080.00

Corporate Annual License Options:
  • Corporate Tier 1 (<1,000 FTEs): $4,190.00
  • Corporate Tier 2 (1,000-20,000 FTEs): $5,845.00
  • Corporate Tier 3 (>20,000 FTEs): $8,380.00

Small Lab Annual License (2-9 Users)

Single User Annual License (Non-Member)

Single User Annual License (Member)

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